A Day in the {Diabetic} Life #1

I've seen a bunch of these posts for other bloggers, so I thought it might be fun to do one of one of my {kind of} typical work days. I've included all of my blood sugars {well, most of them} because I love to see how people handle different diabetes situations. 

6:20am- My alarm goes off. I shut it off. I'm exhausted after going to a bachelorette party this weekend, and I want the extra sleep. 

6:25am- Second alarm. I get up. I've been using my Apple watch as an additional alarm, and I like the sound options for the alarms. 

6:30am: I try to do my blood sugar in bed. STRIP FAIL. I hate wasting a good strip. 

Much better. It's even close to what my Dexcom is saying. #DIABETESWIN

I give myself 4.3 units on my Omipod. I'm trying to get better about pre-bolusing meals, especially at breakfast time. I find that if I even THINK about food, my blood sugar spikes up, but pre-bolusing has really helped with the post-breakfast spikes. 

I get dressed and head to my kitchen to make my smoothie. I typically make one and eat my breakfast on the road. 


This one had water, splash of almond milk, 1/4 cup frozen berries, a scoop of chocolate shakeology, spinach, a TON of cinnamon and tumeric, and ice. I had to wait until my pre-bolus kicked in to eat, but I was hungry, so I ate a leftover chicken tender. I'm trying to eat more protein to keep my fuller longer, so the chicken was a good choice. 

7:15am: I packed my bags and left for work! 

7:45: Stuck in traffic so I checked my CGM...and yay, down arrow! Time for breakfast!

Not super pretty, but very tasty! I chugged it down so that I didn't go low.

7:50am: Get to work, start my computer, reply to {a million} parent emails, work on planning...you know, teacher things. 


9:15am: The kids came in and we got started on the day. 

10am: My students were working on writing, so I took a moment to look at my blood sugar. The pre-bolus worked today!! Thank god. 



I also realized that my pod was going to expire that day. 40ish units would last me the rest of the day, so I knew I'd get through the work day just fine. I always carry a back-up pod though, just in case it decides it's done. 

11:30am: The kids go to recess, and I pull out my lunch. I've been trying to eat simple, but stable, foods all week, so everyday lunch has been two poached chicken tenders, steamed broccoli, and 1/4 roasted sweet potato. I also check my blood sugar before I eat, and it's a good thing I did that day, because my CGM was really off!

I ate my lunch and started working again. 

12:30pm: Time to pick up my students for the afternoon! I won't get a chance to eat a snack uninterrupted until the kids leave at 4:10pm, so I'm hoping that I stay stable today. 


3:50pm: I feel low so I take a peak at my watch and, yup, I'm low. I break into my bag of snacks that I brought for the end of the day to eat while kids get packed up. This pack had sesame almonds and coconut cashews from Trader Joes and 3/4 cup of rice Chex mix. It was GOOOOOD!


5:00pm: I decide to head home for the day, and I see this one my phone: 

Looks like the snack was too much...bummer! Time to try and stop that rise. This day was really weird because I usually go low around 3pm, so I try to have a snack then, but I went low earlier and then went way high after trying to treat with snacks. I think I need to spend some time figuring out my 2pm-3pm basal rate #ohjoy

5:45pm: Get home and we start dinner. We made the quick beef stir-fry from Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook. It's a staple in our household and this recipe was SUPER easy! We ate it with cauliflower rice from Trader Joes. 

6:30pm: We sit down to eat, so I check my blood sugar. I'm still high from earlier {sad} so I bolus and try to wait to eat dinner. 

We have been watching Narcos, so we sat down to watch that during dinner. It's the best show to binge-watch! 

I also do some work after during {during our second episode of the night}. I have to update my classroom website before back to school night later in the week. 

9:30pm: I'm still hungry, so I grab a handful of rice Chex to eat before heading to bed. If there is cereal in the house, I cannot stop eating it. I was a little low {but I don't have a picture} so I was hoping that the handful would help me from going low. 

10:00pm: After watching so.many.videos on snapchat, I decide it's time to go to bed. But not before my pump reminds me that I have to change my site. I do that quickly {only takes about 5 minutes}, and then I get ready for bed. I check my sugar (but I don't have a picture). It's ok, so I say LIGHTS OUT :) Not the best blood sugar day, but for the most part, it was ok. Progress, not perfection! 


Do you go low at certain points of the day? Do you eat breakfast on the go?